Personalised care gives people the same choice and control over their mental and physical health they have come to expect in every other aspect of their life.

Personalised care helps a range of people, from those with long term illness and complex needs through to people managing mental health issues or struggling with social issues which affect their health and wellbeing. It helps them make decisions about managing their health so they can live the life they want to live based on what matters to them, working alongside clinical information from the professionals who support them.

This is in response to a one-size-fits-all health and care system that simply cannot meet the increasing complexity of people’s needs and expectations. Evidence shows that people will have better experiences and improved health and wellbeing if they can actively shape their care and support.

The NHS Long Term Plan identifies the importance of digitising outpatient care including remote monitoring and focusing on empowering patients to self-care.

Personalised Care Support Tools

Personalised Care Support Tools are a series of interventions designed to support Cancer patients from their diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, to enable the best possible clinical and personal outcomes from their experience.

Outlined below are the five key elements for embedding personalised care:

  • Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)
  • Personalised Care & Support Plan
  • End of Treatment Summary
  • Health and Wellbeing Information and Support
  • Quality Of Life

Embedding personalised care

  • The patient is invited to complete a holistic needs assessment (HNA) as part of the end of treatment care plan
  • Cancer support worker ensures HNA priorities are addressed and can include making referrals to relevant community services and support
  • Patients are requested to complete Health MOTs regularly to continually assess and monitor progress, and update the changing needs of the patient

Health and wellbeing support covers

  • Support to register and access the remote monitoring platform
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • Role of Cancer Support Worker
  • A patient-focused education booklet which outlines PSFU process specific to the cancer pathway, self-care and on-going support available