We are committed to ensuring prevention is a key feature of our work.

We know that the risk of cancer depends on multiple factors including lifestyle, genetic predisposition and environment. Four in ten cancers could be avoided by simple lifestyle changes such as:

· Stopping smoking,

· Eating a healthy, balanced diet,

· Getting more exercise,

· Reducing our alcohol intake,

· Avoiding sunbed use and over exposure to the sun

Cancer screening programmes play a significant role in identifying early signs that may lead to cancer and offer an opportunity to detect cancer at an earlier stage.

The Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Prevention Steering Group has been established bringing together key partners to go further on cancer prevention at scale. Examples of the work of the group include:

· Implementing Making Every Contact Count (MECC) in cancer pathways which seeks to change lifestyle behaviours through teachable moments

· Developing an approach to improving smoking cessation support in secondary care

· Identifying opportunities to increase screening coverage and uptake

Read the Programme Brief for Prevention and Early Diagnosis here.