Chair - Mr Nathan Hamnett, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Project Manager (Management Link) - Megan Heyes.

Analyist - Sophie Macaulay

Project and Admin Assistant (Minute Taker) - Emma Copland.

Next meeting: Skin Education Event & Skin CQG Meeting – Wednesday 6th March 2024 from 9am till 4.30pm at The Spine, 2 Paddington, Liverpool, England, L7 3FA (Face-To-Face Only)


Skin CQG 28.04.21 Notes/Action log

Skin CNG guidelines - May 2021

Skin CNG guidelines - February 2022

Skin Cancer Management Guidelines - Nov 2020

BAD SCC Guidelines 2020

National guidelines and patient information leaflets available

Skin Cancer in Children pathway Jan 2021

Up-to-date information on skin cancer and all aspects of dermatology