Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance brings together organisations, patients and others affected by cancer to drive improvements in clinical outcomes and patients’ experience of the care and treatment they receive.

We work closely with cancer services and people affected by cancer to achieve:

Better Cancer Services, by providing access to expertise and learning; leading change in care pathways, and in piloting new scientific innovations.

Better Cancer Care, by sharing and building on good patient experience practice.

Better Cancer Outcomes, by increasing early detection, early diagnosis, enabling early access to cancer services and pathways, and ensuring cancer patients have access to the support they need to live long fulfilling lives beyond cancer.

We are responsible for cancer performance, quality and outcomes across Cheshire and Merseyside.

We collaborate with our NHS colleagues, and partners in the third sector across Cheshire and Merseyside to champion and enable new approaches to delivering cancer services and care.

We bring experts in cancer care together to deliver quantifiable positive change in how cancer care is delivered.

Our areas of work encompass:

  • Embedding cancer prevention within treatment pathways, though the principle of teachable moments
  • Creating equitable access to screening programmes linked to social determinants of cancer
  • Increasing GP access to diagnostics
  • Improving access to radiology, pathology and endoscopy
  • Reducing emergency presentations including improved acute oncology pathways and ambulatory care.

We have a proud record of driving improvement in cancer services, cancer care and better cancer outcomes; and a culture of getting things done.