Community engagement is an incredibly important way to get the right information about cancer to the public.

From busting myths about how you develop the disease, to promoting the vital role of screening in detecting cancer earlier, to warning people to watch out for signs and symptoms – getting correct information to people has never been more crucial.

So, Cheshire & Merseyside Cancer Alliance has developed advice, guidelines, support, resources and links to help organisations and individuals to engage with their communities and spread the word.

The Action on Cancer (AoC) Toolkit combines practical resources with tried and tested methods to enhance community engagement and improves cancer outcomes for local people.

The toolkit will help community organisers to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Promote, encourage and empower people to have healthier lifestyles
  • Increase early diagnosis of cancers through screening programmes
  • Empower patients to recognise possible early signs and symptoms of cancer and take timely action

The toolkit has been developed from successful initiatives in South Cheshire and Vale Royal which transformed outcomes by using the AoC approach.

The AoC team interacted with more than 26,000 people at almost 700 community events, and their messages reached 87,598 people.

From being among the worst places in the UK for early diagnosis and one year cancer survival, these areas became recognised as two of the most improved areas in the country for cancer survival for three consecutive years.

They saw a 12% improvement in early-stage cancer diagnosis, up to 61% by the end of 2019. And when they targeted non-responders for bowel cancer screening, almost 50% agreed to participate.

The toolkit explains how community organisations can replicate this successful initiative gives contact details and links to people who can offer further help and support.

You can watch a short, introductory video about the toolkit by clicking here.

See the toolkit below or download it here.

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