Our long term ambition is to take every opportunity to prevent cancer and ensure outstanding cancer care is provided across Cheshire and Merseyside.

We want to help more people to survive cancer and support them to live well, with and beyond cancer.

We will:

  • Deliver high quality, equitable, and integrated cancer care
  • Ensure that we always focus on quality, patient experience and sustainability in equal measure
  • Drive improvements in cancer prevention, achieve earlier diagnosis, ensure access to comprehensive treatments in a research active climate and accelerate the adoption of new technologies and innovations
  • Build on the strengths of our existing single service model, promoting change which is necessary to deliver system sustainability, working with our partners across the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership.

We will aim achieve the following by 2025:

  • 1 year survival to increase to more than 75%
  • The new Faster Diagnosis Standard during 2021, to support 62 day compliance
  • Reduce adult smoking rates to 13%
  • Deliver the cancer recovery package to all, including supported self-management
  • Improve access to clinical trials
  • Deliver greater system sustainability by focusing on networked capacity solutions for radiology, endoscopy and pathology (and IM&T); supporting necessary system change and implementing best practice management pathways

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