Chair: Mr Andrew Brodbelt, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Date of next meeting: Thursday 23rd November 2023 at 4pm until 5.30pm. It is a hybrid meeting and attendees can join via MS Teams or face to face attendance will be in the ITU Seminar Room at the Walton Centre.

​​​​​​​Documents and Pathways

Acromegaly Pathways January 2019

CNFPAs Pathway January 2019

Cushings Disease Pathways January 2019

Prolactinomas Pathways January 2019

Dexamethasone prescribing for primary malignant brain tumours

Emergency Brain Pathway Resources

The ‘Emergency Brain Tumour Pathway’ aims to improve both patient care and patient experience for patients presenting with primary and secondary brain tumours in emergency settings.

With over 60% of patients with brain tumours diagnosed following emergency presentation (2006-2013), Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance has identified the Emergency Brain Tumour Pathway as a key driver to improve patient care, experience and outcomes for patients diagnosed with brain tumours.

The pathway ensures patients are supported from presentation through to diagnosis and discussion with Neuro-Oncology specialists at The Walton Centre (where appropriate).

As a result, the pathway aims that patients and their carers receive clear communication about their diagnosis, what the next steps will be and reducing delays along the patient’s journey by supporting and tracking them during their initial referral, and optimising referrals into The Walton Centre.