There is currently no contractual requirement for PCNs to be engaged in a community of practice, but experience has shown that collaborative working and learning helps to create better patient care and support for colleagues across a system.

The alliance has invested in a primary care engagement team so that primary care feel better supported and engaged with the work taking place around cancer across Cheshire & Merseyside. This team will help support and coordinate larger meetings across neighbouring Places. The new Cancer Academy will also have a focus on primary care education and be part of our community of practice.

Suggestions for establishing communities of practice:

  • Consider having a clinical cancer lead for your PCN who helps coordinate any activities
  • Link in with your local CCG GP cancer lead
  • Keep in touch with your CMCA GP Place GP ( from July 2022)
  • Ensure that you are in touch with your primary care engagement lead
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate on work across PCNs/CCGs/the Cancer Alliance footprint (C&M)
  • Look for education opportunities; this could be something identified, developed and delivered locally between PCN’s or a suggestion to your CCG GP cancer lead, commissioning or public health team or a suggestion to the Cancer Alliance for a network wide opportunity
  • Where possible work with cancer charities who likely have specific resources to support primary care e.g. CRUK, Macmillan