We aim to:

  • Deliver standardisation across services where clinically appropriate.
  • Understand and tackle inequalities
  • Enable teams to innovate to achieve better patient experience and outcomes
  • Coordinate and deliver standardisation and share best practice
  • Ensure Primary Care Network (PCN) and GP involvement is a core part of RDS design and delivery
  • Enable digital solutions wherever possible
  • Focus on evaluation and sustainability of all RDS enabled developments
  • Ensure the patient voice informs RDS development
  • Where appropriate, align work across the wider Cancer Alliance Programme, including Prevention, Early Detection, Personalised Stratisfied Follow-Up (PSFU) and End Of Life Care (EOLC)

The RDS programme will work to understand and address common issues. For example:

  • All pathways will have standardised referral approaches and minimum referral criteria
  • Early Diagnosis Support Workers (EDSWs) will be supported to develop a core set of skills and competencies
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) will be supported to develop new approaches in line with national guidance