To help PCNs in getting started, this section outlines:

  • What local data is available, and where you can find support
  • Names and contact details for key local colleagues that can help PCN’s in delivering the DES specification
  • Additional resources in relation to Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Resources for getting started

Access resources for getting started with the DES and QOF QI:

We are currently developing a PCN data dashboard which will be freely available and include key metrics aligned to the 21/22 DES and QOF QI

Your local CRUK facilitator can create a data pack specific to PCN

To request a CRUK data pack for your PCN, please contact your local CRUK facilitator via

Cancer Research UK Facilitator Programme supports healthcare professionals and organisations to improve prevention and early diagnosis with free, tailored practical support.  

Cancer Research UK offer to PCN’s includes:

  • Promote smoking cessation interventions through the delivery of ‘at scale’ training and education events
  • Facilitate appropriate recognition, management & referral of patients in primary care (with a focus on bowel and lung) through the delivery of ‘at scale’ training and education events
  • Support PCNs in understanding available cancer data to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Use Quality Improvement approaches with PCNs to facilitate change in line with the requirements of the DES specification and QOF QI
  • Signpost health professionals to our e-learning modules on early diagnosis and smoking cessation
  • Signpost health professionals to our online resources
  • Support local partners to enable the recovery of screening to pre-COVID levels
  • Work with local partners to help them identify inequalities in their populations

Please contact to find out how we can support you

Your CCG GP Cancer Lead will be able to offer support and advice relating to early cancer diagnosis as well as sign-posting to local work/initiatives that can support the delivery of the cancer DES for your PCN. Your CCG can provide you with their details.

CRUK have developed a professional hub with a wealth of resources and information

Resources for GPs (

Macmillan have developed a Cancer Care Review Webpage which has been designed as the go-to place for further information on what the changes mean, what’s required and what’s available to support Primary Care to achieve the new requirements of the 20/21 QOF QI regarding Cancer Care Reviews.

Macmillan and CMCA have produced guidance on how to reduce inequality of access to the services primary care provides.

It includes ideas of how to make access easier and fairer for groups, including those with disabilities, people from different cultural backgrounds and those suffering deprivation.

You can find these resources on the Patient Experience and Health Inequalities area of the website by clicking here.

An online education platform containing numerous courses and webinars on early diagnosis of cancers that are freely available to all healthcare staff working in primary care.

Gateway C courses are RCGP accredited and attract CPD points.